6 Benefits of Managed Print Services | Aindale BMS Ltd

What exactly is a Managed Print Service, and why should you have one?

The answer is simple – to give you visibility and control of your printing which not only boosts productivity and saves money – a lot of money, up to 40% in fact – it also helps you improve document security and sustainability. Simply ask yourself, do you really know how much it costs your business to print in the last 12 or 24 months… you would be surprised..….

Save money: there are a number of areas where a Managed Print Service will have an impact of cost and a key one is maintenance. An MPS can scale easily to reflect your requirements through automation, connecting all your devices to one monitoring system. This means that you only get ink cartridges, toners, maintenance visits and repairs when you need them. Further benefits would include consolidating your print hardware, ensuring that you have the right number of devices to manage your output and negating the need to carry excess paper, printer ink and toner stock.

Save time and be more efficient: no doubt you will spend a lot of time printing, scanning, copying or, even in this day and age, occasional faxing, on out of date equipment with badly configured software. We also spend time fixing breakdowns and ordering and replacing ink cartridges and toners. A Managed Print Service (MPS) would identify these issues and create a plan to reduce the amount of time lost to these “hidden” print-related tasks.

Improve productivity: the world we live in is ever evolving, and the way we work has changed significantly with the introduction of new technologies. An MPS provider like Aindale would provide an assessment of your needs and recommend a tailored programme to improve productivity – this could include printing from mobile devices from remote locations or adjusting for special sizes and formats.

Reduce expenditure and improve cash flow: The cost of buying a fleet of printers can be intimidating, but your MPS can offer flexible payment options. Pay-per-page with leased hardware is a great option if you don’t fancy footing a massive bill for new hardware every 3 or 5 years.

Improve your document security: with the ever-present threat of cyber-attacks and the implementation of the GDPR last year, security is high on everyone’s agenda. The benefit of a company wide print assessment by your Managed Print Service is that it identifies the print and IP security risks your business faces and provides a plan to address them. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune either, simple steps like implementing printer sign-in, waste disposal and document management procedures are cost effective, easy to implement and have a significant impact on security. However, the biggest benefit of having one print provider is that it reduces the number of people outside of your business who have access to your network.

Be sustainable: being a responsible business means reducing the amount of paper, electricity and consumables you use. A Managed Print Service allows you to monitor and track your print usage, so that you can adjust and intervene if necessary to reduce your impact on the environment.

Most businesses are continuously improving the way they work to stay agile and successful. With Aindale managing your Print Services, you not only receive ongoing advice and strategic support from one of the regions most respected providers of workplace technology support, you secure your future with revolving tech that is always up to date and just in time.

To learn more, if you have any questions about Aindale’s Managed Print Service, or if we can help you in any way, please get in touch on 01484 518899 or at sales@aindale.co.uk.