We take it for granted that technology will form an essential part of our children’s learning experience, enhancing lessons and enabling students to access an ever-widening pool of resources and enrichment practices.

We also expect that technology will support the teaching process, not just giving teachers the opportunity to plunder the treasures of the world wide web or learn from, and connect with, colleagues and students in far flung corners of the world, but by bringing learning to life with the latest the tech world has to offer in interactive white boards, tablets and tables.

All of this amazing technology, this instant connectivity, is truly exciting, and it all needs managing and maintaining to make sure that the tech our teachers and schools rely on is reliable, up to date and fit for purpose.

More and more forward-thinking schools recognise that outsourcing their IT Services to a specialist such as KTD takes the worry and hassle out of managing their tech. Of course, it does more than that too, by managing the processes, laws and risks associated with this ever evolving and indispensable part of the teaching and learning experience.

There are lots of reasons why partnering with KTD makes sense, but these are our top six, compiled over time and drawing on the experience of the schools we currently work with, and the engineers who become part of their teams.

  1. Save money and manage budgets

Over the last year KTD has reduced many school’s IT contract costs by as much as 15% and still improved upon service.  By partnering with KTD, we look at your IT needs individually.  IT costs also become predictable, and technology is cost effective and future-proofed.

  1. Access to expertise, anytime

Using a specialist IT provider like KTD gives you direct access to highly skilled and experienced technicians, without the hassle and expense of going through the recruitment process and managing additional in-house teams.

  1. You don’t have to lose onsite support

You can still get face to face onsite service from our skilled, dedicated engineers with regular planned visits, whilst accomplished offsite techs provide support 24/7 whenever it’s needed.  

  1. Best fit solutions

A school’s IT needs can extend beyond the day-to-day support and maintenance of its network – KTD will be able to manage and implement solutions quickly and efficiently.

  1. Maximise operational efficiency

Outsourcing to KTD ensures that you minimize technology down-time, thereby making best use of teaching resources and supporting students learning outcomes.

  1. Cyber Security

Keeping data, especially personal information, safe gets more complicated as technology evolves, and hackers get ever more creative. KTD who are also a Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus government backed certification body, are well equipped to manage this risk for you.

But how does it actually work? To find out, follow a day in the life of one of our IT School Engineers, as he provides friendly and professional support and service in school. https://ktdonline.com/say-hello-to-herb-a-day-in-the-life-of-our-schools-engineer/

To learn more, if you have any questions about support for your school visit www.ktdonline.com/schools or please get in touch on 01539 732540 or at sales@ktdonline.com