Digital Empathy – “When emotion meets technology” – and why it is good business (and good for business).

According to Microsoft, we saw two years’ worth of digital transformation happen in just two months at the start of the pandemic in March 2020. And that some empathy is needed both personally, and digitally, when it comes to keeping up with the performance and function demands of our business IT!

Empathy is our ability to understand and feel the experience of another from that person’s frame of mind.

And that is what Microsoft has applied when it comes to their approach. New thinking, new product development, new tech applications and digital securities for all of us to use – in business and at home.

This transformation comes about because they put people and users first. At the outset they considered how their products would be used by people, and then designed their products around this. Not the other way around.

This is digital empathy in technology at work.

A first and clear advantage is that, as a business, it can take your whole team and customers along with you on your digital journey. Even those who may regard themselves as less tech savvy can also feel part of the same digital journey. And at the same time, your business is covered in terms of the connectivity of your team, and data and cyber security for your organisation – without leaving any team member or customer behind at any stage. Says Ann Johnson, Microsoft Corporate Vice President, SCI Business Development:

“As we look past the pandemic and prepare to implement the lessons we’ve learned during this time of disruption, we are reminded that security technology is also about improving productivity and collaboration through inclusive user experiences. In an industry that has traditionally expected people to adjust their behaviour to conform to security policies, this is a transformative idea”.

This is why Microsoft 365 and all the products and services related to it continues to be pivotal for most businesses. Indeed, Microsoft 365 Business Premium underpins Aindale’s client services strategy.

As does our understanding at Aindale that people power businesses. Which is why we design and implement IT infrastructures that work for the whole – our team and our clients across the board.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article. In the second part of Digital Empathy we will be looking at how this affects our everyday use of technology.

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