IASME Governance Certification including GDPR

As a highly skilled IASME Certification Body we are able to certify your business to their standards. IASME is the leading Accreditation Body for the government backed Cyber Essentials certification scheme and the IASME Governance standard.

As a Certification Body we have been trained and licensed to certify businesses to Cyber Essentials and IASME Governance (including GDPR readiness) Standards. We are available to offer consulting services and we are specialists in areas such as vulnerability scanning and penetration, managed security and IT solutions, risk analysis and security training to help you achieve these certifications.

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GDPR is more than just how you use and secure personal information, it’s about your HR & Legal documentation processes and more.

We can help with your IT infrastructure and ensuring your digital environment is secure and we work with partners who can provide a full GDPR audit.

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