Email Setup Guide – iOS (iPhone/iPad)

In order to configure your email settings for iOS, please follow the guide below;

  1. Unlock your device
  2. From the home screen, tap ‘Settings – Passwords & Accounts’
  3. Select the Aindale provided account
  4. Change the ‘Incoming Server’ to
  5. Enter your full email address as the ‘Username’
  6. Enter the password that was provided to you
  7. Tap ‘Advanced’ and make sure ‘SSL’ is at the ‘Off’ position and the port is set to ‘110’
  8. Go back a screen
  9. Tap ‘SMTP’
  10. Change the ‘Outgoing Server’ to
  11. Ensure ‘SSL’ is at the ‘Off’ position and set the port to ’25’
  12. Tap ‘Done’
  13. If you get any errors, verify the information you entered and test again. Otherwise, please get in touch with our Technical Support team who will be happy to assist you.